Healing Promises
Healing Promises

Healing Promises

Anne Costa
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Our human hearts were made to love and to be love; to give and receive love. Every beat of every heart is made possible through a God who IS love. But did you also know that the very heart of God beats just for you? That is what Jesus said when He spoke to St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, Apostle of the Heart of Jesus, and revealed His enflamed heart to her.  The revelation of His heart is what we have come to know as the Sacred Heart of Jesus; one of the most recognizable images and symbols of our Catholic faith—but one of the least understood devotions of our day. We may know the image, but have yet to experience the depths of the “hidden” love story behind it. In Healing Promises, you will learn about the many ways to express devotion to the Sacred Heart as well as the history and relevance of the Sacred Heart for our lives today. You will also hear from saints, popes and ordinary people who have been touched by the Heart of Jesus. Healing Promises is truly a treasure trove of resources and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You’ll learn about the history and foundation of the Sacred Heart devotion as we know it today and the 12 promises Jesus revealed to St. Margaret Mary Alocoque in private revelation. You’ll find prayers for the enthronement ceremony, reflections and practical ways you can apply the Sacred Heart devotion to your life. Author Anne Costa even provides a list of resources and recommended reading to help you take your devotion to the Sacred Heart even further. Christ’s fidelity to the promises He offers through the Sacred Heart devotion is perhaps the best kept secret of our faith in these times. Journey to the center of His Heart, where His promises are real and his message will always be: You are not alone. You are loved! 


Anne Costa is a Catholic author and speaker with five books published including Embracing Edith Stein: Wisdom for Women from St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Servant) and Refresh Me Lord! Meditations to Renew a Women’sSpirit (The Word Among Us Press). She works with two apostolates: Sacred Heart Apostolate, Inc.  as communications officer and the John Paul II Center for Women, Inc.  Anne is a wife and mother, and enjoys traveling, painting and Eucharistic adoration.